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3400 Miles!

Coast-to-Coast Challenge To Cross America on a Bike

Adee Phelan and I are travelling a total of 3400 Miles across 8 states through 3 time zones, making the journey by bike in aid of mental health and charity Mates in Mind, and Cancer charity Movember whilst filming a documentary called; Living with a Killer which will cover their journey and raise awareness to mental health.

Along their journey, they will be joined by various celebrities that will either run part of the journey with them or make an appearance in support of their cause.

Film/support crew

Adee and I passionately believe that if we get a proper film/support crew for the whole trip, the money we’ll raise will pay itself over by a huge amount. Selling the film to Netflix or Sky alone would likely cover the costs of making it right there and then. Money which will be donated straight away to Movember. And I’m sure you can imagine the more successful the documentary is, the more charity donations we’ll raise for charity. Think of it like Live Aid 1985 vs a local pub hosting a charity karaoke. One certainly costs significantly more, but will also raise far more money.

Here's the map!

Check our progress

Sunday 19th March, 2023
New York
Sunday 19th March, 2023
Tuesday 21st March, 2023
Wednesday 22nd March, 2023
Joe Rogan
@thekingofchemo #joerogan isn’t on TikTok but some people that know him are, so get in touch with as many of them as you can. I put the #fun in #fundraising #braintumour #senseofhumour #jre #jreclips #joeroganexperience #cancerresearch #mentalhealth #starhard #justbreathe #unclejoey #wimhof #icebath ♬ Hey Joe (Live) - Jimi Barbiani Band
Wednesday 22nd March, 2023
Monday 20th April, 2023
Monday 24th April, 2023
Adee crashes!
@thekingofchemo As you can imagine this has slowed things down a smidge, but Adee is as hard as this trip is. Show some love and donate to his charity. Never mind the weekly forfeit challenges we’ve been doing, I think @adeephelan has already done his forfeit for the week…maybe 2 weeks. We’ve good footage that’s being edited, Adee was determined enough to film a huge amount of what happened as he knew it’d be useful for the documentary, which is extremely admirable. So stay tuned and we’ll be following up with updates. #stayhard #igotabooboo #hospital #sportinjury ♬ Frolic (Theme from "Curb Your Enthusiasm" TV Show) - Luciano Michelini
Monday 24th April, 2023